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With relatively few working horse loggers across the country, the Trust is keen to encourage and help new entrants to the profession through our three-year practical-based apprenticeship.  Working alongside the best in the profession, apprentices learn the practical skills in forestry and horse management that are needed to become a successful horse logger.

Apprentices work a four-day week throughout the year, usually alongside Placement Providers who are experienced loggers, but time and funding is also provided for essential training in forestry and horse care.  Resources are also available for other essentials such as equipment and safety clothing. 

Apprentices are continually assessed by their Placement Providers and are required to produce a portfolio of their work as they progress through the three years.  The Trust appoints a Mentor to help both the apprentice and their Placement Provider get the best out of the apprenticeship.  The Apprenticeship Scheme is accredited to Level III by Ascentis.

Funding for the scheme is being sought and contributions are welcome.  The scheme costs £30,000 for each apprentice.

Supporting us

Becoming an Apprentice

The BHLCT invites applications from aspiring horse loggers.

Most apprentices become self-employed contractors at the end of their apprenticeship.  They will learn the horse, forestry and woodland management skills required to work in modern forestry using animal traction as well as all the necessary business, banking, accounting and marketing skills required to run an effective modern enterprise.


Placement Providers and Mentors

If you are interested in becoming a Placement Provider please get in touch: you will need to be a working horse logger.  All those on the British Horse Loggers (BHL) Professional Register would be eligible to be a Placement Provider but applications from others would also be welcome.

A Mentor is also needed for each apprentice; here interpersonal skills and previous experience of training and mentoring is much more relevant, but interest, knowledge or experience of horse logging would be useful too.

Contact us to be a Placement Provider or Mentor

Apprentice: Mike Paddock
Apprentice: Richard Eames
Apprentice: Steffi Schaffler
Apprentice: Kevin Taylor
mike paddock
richard eames
steffi schaffler
kevin taylor with his horse bill
Mike Paddock at a Seeing is Believing demonstration event
Richard Eames demonstrating a bracken basher at at Seeing is Believing event
Steffi Schaffler at a Seeing is Believing demonstration event
Kevin with his horse Bill