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bhl news
Below  are the current training courses on offer from the BHL to help you become, or improve as a horse logger.  To register on a course please complete and return this form.  Terms and conditions can be found and printed here.  Courses and Training Opportunities offered by members can also be found on our adverts page.

Bare Foot Trimming

We have managed to organize a Barefoot trimming course with Ian Whatley, one of the leading barefoot trimmers and instructors in the UK. He is an ex farrier and specializes in heavy horses.

The course will be one day theory with lots of facts and pictures, one day hands on practical work with the horse.

We will be at Broadwater Farm in Whiltshire very kindly hosted by Richard and Tricia. There is free camping from Friday night on, tea and coffee  and lunch included. Saturday night we will have a BBQ. Bring your own stuff to throw on.

Places are limited to 12 people.

Date                      6/7 June 2015

Venue                     Broadwater Farm

                                 Woodlands Road



                                 BA12 6JT


Cost                       £150 including camping, tea, coffe and lunch

Booking:                Please contact Steffi to book your place. We require a deposit of £50 to secure your booking and the course has to be paid in full 14 days before the course starts.

                                 Steffi Schaffler, Hillend Farmhouse, Auldgirth, Dumfries, DG2 0UB


                                 01387 740945

If you are happy to bring a horse that is happy to hold it's feet up for you and one other person to learn hands on trimming please get in touch. Grazing available.

1 day Horse Logging Taster days in 2015

These will be geared towards members and non-members who don't have horses of their own but would like to 'have a go' with a working horse. £50 for members, £80 for non-members (includes a years free membership).  We will put you in touch with a working horseman closest to you who can offer these days then a date can be organised to suit both. This date will then be advertised on the BHL website so it would be possible for others to join if they wish.
For booking and further more information please contact Kate Mobbs-Morgan on 07986 337205 or email

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