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British Horse Loggers


British Horse Loggers Competition

This is an annual event combined with the AGM and its location changes most years to make it interesting and fairer for people who live in the far corners of the UK.

It is a great way to meet other horse loggers and socialise taking part in the competitions if you wish or giving support by watching and helping out.

The two competitions are the obstacle course and Fell & Extract.

Obstacle course

This event usually takes part on the Saturday for single horse entries and pairs on the Sunday morning. The horse and handler negotiate the course pulling a completion log. Points are deducted for mistakes made and there is a time limit to complete the course. Example of the obstacles are the balance and loading exercise

The Fell & Extract

This is a practical competition to demonstrate the day to day skills of horse logging. This can be a team of a cutter and horse person or a sole operator. This involves felling the designated trees and presenting them for horse extraction to the stacking site. Skills are judged and marked by a team of judges. Anyone taking part must have the relevant chainsaw tickets and insurance.

Previous Competitons


Next Competition to be held at...
Nr. Lancaster May 11th-12th 2024

Please contact Steffi Schaffler if you wish to attend and bring horses for either of the competitions. Places are limited for the fell and extract. This helps with organising and catering if we know approximately how many are attending.